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9 Reasons to choose Coxford Lettings

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There are certainly more than 9 reasons to choose Coxford Lettings as your preferred Letting Agent, but we feel these 9 make up the bulk of them.

0% VAT

There is no VAT to pay here.

As a small business, our annual turnover is nowhere near the threshold needed to pay VAT. So we don’t have to pay VAT, and neither do you.

And if you are currently paying your existing letting agent VAT, you could be saving yourself 17% a month coming to us.

8% Management

Our current full management commission is 8% of the monthly rent.

So on a property that is £850 a month, our commission would be £68.

And remember that we don’t charge VAT. So if your current letting agent is charging more than 8% and charges VAT, come and talk to us – we can save you loads.

No Set Up Fee

We don’t charge a setup fee when you bring a property to us. And we don’t understand why a lot of letting agents do.

We’re lead to believe that this setup fee is to cover putting you on the system, and covering the costs of advertising, etc. But in order to advertise the property, this would have to be done anyway, so why charge for it?

So always question the need for a set-up fee. Or bring your property to us, and you won’t have to ask that question.

No agency admin Fees

It’s not rocket science – just very simple.

Personal Service

I am not a number. I am a free man.

We strive to treat everyone as a person, not just as a number or a reference. It’s one of the advantages of being a small business – we like to know everyone by name, and treat everyone with dignity, respect and as an equal.

Independent Agent

We are a truly independent agent.

It’s not a franchise or part of a much larger chain.

That means we can think more outside of the box, and be more proactive.

Going the extra mile

We always try and go the extra mile to help our landlords and tenants.

This can be as simple as taking on an extra task when managing a property, or keeping an eye on a property for a tenant, while they are away.

You never know until you ask.

Local Knowledge

We have extensive knowledge of the Southampton area, having been based here since 2006.

If you are looking to purchase a buy to let property in Southampton, we can certainly advise you on the best areas and the best properties.

Time allowing we can also accompany you on viewing potential properties, advising as we go along. In some cases, we will even book viewings for you, especially if you are planning to invest in a property in Southampton from elsewhere in the UK or abroad.

The knowledge is here – you might as well make good use of it.

There is no number 9!

Everything else was so good, we couldn’t think of a ninth one!!

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