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Millbrook Estate

by admin on September 19, 2017

Welcome to The Millbrook Estate.

We have to call it The Millbrook Estate, as it isn’t technically Millbrook. The real Millbrook (Parish of) is about half a mile closer to the city from here. If anything, it should be called Wimpson. But to everyone in Southampton, this is Millbrook (even the buses say so – therefore it has to be true).

Millbrook came about in the 1950/60’s, as a result of slum clearance in the City Centre itself. So the estate is largely made up of council houses, dominated by the 25 storey Millbrook Towers (currently the tallest building in Southampton), and the large area of green expanse that is known as Mansel Park.

Millbrook is a very well planned estate, with large amounts of green space mixed in with the many houses and smaller blocks of flats that exist. It is possible to walk from the top of Millbrook to the bottom, where Green Park is, and not wander down a road, or cross in front of someone’s house. And all the roads are well spaced out, with houses and flats set back well away from the roads.

Within Millbrook itself, there are three Primary schools, a secondary school, three shopping precincts, and a library. It is also served by 14 buses an hour to Shirley High Street and the City Centre.

To all intents and purposes, Millbrook should be a lovely place to live in. And for most, it is. With so many parks and green spaces, Millbrook is an ideal place to bring up children. But it does suffer from a misconception that it is run down and populated by the unemployed and criminals (The same misconception is given to Thornhill, which is on the other end of the 18 bus route that runs to Millbrook).

Of course, this isn’t true. Millbrook, like most estates in the UK, has its problems, but they nothing like what people think they are.

For instance, the majority of people in Millbrook are employed, mainly in manual or retail jobs – although it does have a higher than UK average number of unemployed people. There are very few single people, or couples, living in Millbrook – it is mainly an estate for families to live in (though the majority of families are of the single parent variety).

Nearly all the houses are rented, either through the council or a housing association – through a large proportion rent their homes from private landlords. There are very few that own their own homes and live in them. Those that do rent from private landlords are more likely to receive assistance from the council through housing benefit payments.

And if you look to invest in Millbrook, you would have to consider taking tenants that are in receipt of Housing Benefit. And taking Housing Benefit applicants is easy, as long as they have the first months rent to hand, their deposit, and a guarantor. This means that you are more likely to have tenants that work, but need to receive part housing benefit payments to make up their rent.

Right now, the Local Housing Authority rates are very good and are in line with average private rents. For a 2 bedroom property, it is currently £670 a month, a three bedroom is £795 a month, and for a 4 bedroom property, it would be £1010 a month. And they go up every year.

With these sorts of figures in mind, Millbrook is a good place to invest in, because as a family dominated area, you are likely to have long-term tenants – great if you are looking for a long-term investment.

So if you are thinking of buying a rental property in Millbrook, or Southampton generally, you should give me a call (Lee) on 023 8001 0434. I can come with you on property viewings, and be able to offer and advise on the potential rental price, and what work would need doing (if any) there and then. Giving you the confidence to make that purchase much quicker. I look forward to hearing from you.

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